Jul 31, 2017 5 00 CDT
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2017 USARS Roller Figure Skating National Championship, 8th day

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2017 USARS Roller Figure Skating National Championship, 8th day

2017 USARS Roller Figure Skating National Championship

July 31, 2017
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 August 1,  9th day: http://shots4sports.cleeng.com/2017-usars-roller-figure-skating-national-championship-9th-day/E40196... 

August 2,  10th day: http://shots4sports.cleeng.com/2017-usars-roller-figure-skating-national-championship-10th-day/E2470... 

August 3,  11th day: http://shots4sports.cleeng.com/2017-usars-roller-figure-skating-national-championship-11th-day/E8892... 

August 4,  12th day: http://shots4sports.cleeng.com/2017-usars-roller-figure-skating-national-championship-12th-day/E6415... 

August 5,  13th day: http://shots4sports.cleeng.com/2017-usars-roller-figure-skating-national-championship-13th-day/E4835...

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